March 3, 2010

Beef Negimaki

This is a very quick, satisfying and super easy dish. And, like most of my fave recipes, it's a really wonderfully adaptable one too. You could use, chicken, turkey, or even pork for the meat. Don't like scallions? Asparagus is a lovely replacement, as are string beans.

PS if your wondering when we hired a professional food photographer... we didn't. Truth is, we gobble down the tasty morsels before we could get the shot! That being said, below the pic is a link to the site where the recipe can be found. Those are actually ham Negimaki, not beef, but the results will look exactly like that.

Beef Negimaki

1 lb thinly sliced lean steak
4-5 bunches of scallions, cleaned and trimmed (if somewhat thick, halve them)
1/2 cup dark soy (I use low sodium)
1/4 cup honey

-Soak handful of toothpicks in water
-Turn on broiler
-Whisk soy and honey together, set aside
-Between two sheets of plastic wrap, pound or roll out meat so that it's very thin and of even thickness
-If meat is wider than about 3", trim to 1"-3" strips
-Wrap meat around 2 scallions, securing with toothpick
-Brush meat with marinade on both sides
-Place tray of marinated Negimaki under broiler for about 5-6 minutes total, flipping meat half way through (if using poultry, you might want to increase cooking time to ensure that its cooked through)
-Remove toothpicks before serving hot with any remaining marinade

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