July 19, 2010

When Simplicity is Best

I had plenty of this leftover and brought it to my father who happily gobbled it down. He appreciated how un-fussy this was. When you have good ingredients, ingredients that are in season and tasty, it doesn't take much to create something delicious.

So here is a very simple tomato salad that as most things, is way better the next day!

Simple Summer Salad
8 medium vine ripened yellow and orange tomatoes, roughly chopped
1 bunch, about half cup+, of chopped dill
1 bunch, about half cup+, bulb onions, finely chopped (if you can't find them replace scallion or more preferably, another sweet and mild onion like vidalia or cipollini)
8 oz. "pearl" sized mozzarella, drained. If you can't find them, use bocconcini or any fresh mozzarella chopped into pearl-sized pieces
1 1/2 tbs rice wine vinegar
Salt & pepper to taste

-Add tomatoes, onions, dill, and mozzarella to bowl.
-Add vinegar, salt & pepper to taste.
-Refrigerate covered for at least one hour or overnight to let all the flavors meld. Adjust seasoning - you might want more salt & pepper or even more vinegar. Serve.


  1. This is so simple but delicious, Duchess! Sounds like we're both in "dill mode" these days. :-) love it!!

  2. Love simple summer salads. Sounds great!