August 24, 2010

A Celebratory Tea

Four friends met at Lady Mendl's Tea Salon this past Saturday wearing their best summer frocks and pearls. After all, it isn't everyday that three of those friends become Aunties! One of my dearest friends is expecting, she emailed me from Japan while on vacation with her family to let me know - I squealed and jumped about. We went to high school together, then college. She met her husband while abroad in Japan, they've been together ever since. She moved to Minnesota and although I don't get to see much of her, email and phones keep us close.

So when she told us (myself and her two other besties) that she would be here for August, we knew we had to do something to celebrate. High Tea was the consensus. I had always wanted to go to Lady Mendl's and I was so happy to finally have an reason. It was sublime.

Housed in a restored brownstone at Irving Place, Lady Mendl's is exactly what you hope it would be. Gold wall paper, sweet smells, ladies in dresses and hats. We were treated to a five course tea that was one of the best I've ever had. From a Mushroom Puff to start, Tea Sandwiches, cookies and chocolate dipped fruit, one of the most amazing Mille Crepe Cakes I've ever had (if you can, stop by Lady M Confections, no relation to Lady Mendl's, and try some - you won't be disappointed), scones with clotted cream and jam, and of course tea. The whole affair was was well worth the cost which just happened to be very reasonable indeed.

 Mushroom Puff appetizer,

Lady Mendl's famous Mille Crepe Cake,

Four pots of tea for four friends...

Of course, in the end it wasn't about the pastries or the Darjeeling, it was about our friend and the little star growing inside her. We won't be there to see her through the process, but you can be rest assured that there are three Aunties in New York ready and willing to spoil!


  1. So exciting that my baby will have the best aunties in the world...We are very lucky.

  2. : ) I'm so happy for Ayuko! Her baby will definetly have the auntie with the most delicious recipes! Love to you all, miss you from BarcelONA! liz, I love your blog, read it often