July 4, 2011

A Fresh Start

Dearest Readers,

As an early birthday gift, my talented, patient, and wonderful husband gave me the gift of blogging. He has re-vamped, re-tooled, and re-invented my blog. I am happy to announce, that as of today, July 4th, (isn't that apt?), you can find me at www.duchessinbrooklyn.com. I will no longer be blogging via blogger.com. I sincerely hope you'll join me at my new home.

Just a couple of things: if you signed up with this blog via feedburner, in other words, if my posts come to you via email, you will have to re-enter your email information at the new site. It was a little detail that we couldn't transfer. It's the same exact set-up though. On the right-hand side of the blog, under "Favorite Posts" is the email prompt box. Simply enter your email, follow the directions, and wait for your confirmation email.

Also, only the first ten blog entries will be shown on the home page. If you want to see past blog entries, either use the "search box" or click on the word "blog," immediately to the right of the blog title on the home page.

Thank you again to every single reader. If it weren't for you, this wonderful change would not have been warranted.

Goodbye for now and see you soon at DuchessInBrooklyn.com!

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