October 27, 2009

Cabonara for the Grand Duke

Into every life some indulgence must fall.

My Father wanted a cheat day in the worst way. His request: Cabonara. As he says, the true evil of Cabonara is its simplicity. It’s just too damn easy to make and too damn good to resist. I served this with homemade garlic bread (made with garlic paste, a favorite ‘dirty little secret’), a salad, and a ricotta tart. By the way, don’t be shocked by the amount of bacon, if you’re going to clog those arteries, you might as well do it with gusto!

1 lb (1 box) of spaghetti (unless its fresh I really think Barilla makes the best dry pasta)
1/2 cup room temperature Half & Half
3/4 cup grated parmesan
1 pack bacon**
3 room temperature eggs
1/2 Tsp fresh cracked pepper
Large pinch of salt (remember, the pasta is salted, and there’s bacon and cheese)

-Cut up bacon into ¾” – 1” pieces.
-While water is boiling, fry up the bacon, drain, set aside.
-While pasta is cooking, whisk together, parm, eggs, half & half, salt and pepper.
-Add bacon and mix.
-When pasta is done, don’t drain it completely, the hot water will help make the sauce.
-Add pasta to mixture and mix very well.
-Serve immediately.

Technically, this should serve 4, but people gobble this stuff up so happily, it’s more like 3.

**Dirty little secret from my husband. Unless you’re getting freshly sliced bacon from the butcher, the cheaper… the better. Brand names like Boars Head and Oscar Meyer don’t fry up nearly as well as the cheaper brands, and they even tend to have less flavor. If you can find a no-name brand, or even a store brand, that’s the best.

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