October 18, 2009

Food Crisis

As most of you know, there is a growing food crisis not only Internationally, but in our own backyards as well. As a self described "foodie" this is hard to understand -- I can go to the store and get whatever I want, and make something wonderful from it, and so can you. However, the crisis is such that people around the world can no longer even afford rice or flour, and other basics. The scope of this can be overwhelming and cause one to feel helpless and not know what to do. I for one, tend to feel that I can't do very much when there are so many in need. But I feel the need to do something now, even if it's seemingly insignificant, even if it only helps one other person... one is a big number these days. I've listed a few links below, some are places to drop off goods (remember besides food, baby formula is always in need), some are links for money donations, and one is free - we can all afford free. Also, check with your local Post Office, many are holding food drives.

The World Food Programme is a United Nations Organization that delivers food Internationally. Here you can donate to the WFP's entire cause, or make a donation to a specific area. The donations can be a one time gift, or ongoing.  

The New York Food Bank supplies food for Families and Individuals in need on a daily basis. Recently their supplies have been dwindling and you can help by donating money or food. (Most states have some kind of Food Bank or Food Outreach Program all easily researched online).  

The Free Rice Game is fun and free! Simply play along, and for every correct answer given, grains of rice are donated. So far enough rice has been donated to feed 1 million people for 1 day. It's a great start.

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