January 21, 2010

How the Mighty are Falling...

Oh Tony! WHY?

The Hubs and I were watching the latest No Reservations last night in which Tony travels to Istanbul (thank you, DVR). Things were going well, very well. We were hungry and ready to book our flights when GASP! Out of nowhere we were confronted with an awful, terrible, realization... Anthony Bourdain has sold out?

I know he has done some credit card commercials in the past which I was willing to overlook, because in this day and age, you can't look the corporate sponsor gift horse in the mouth. That being said, when Tony said he'd "pay for dinner" and whipped out the Chase Sapphire Card; and when the camera paused on the card, freezing-framing it perfectly, both my and the Duke's jaws dropped in abject horror! NOOOOOOO! The last bastion of snarky, anti-establishment, bad boy foodies has just succumbed to the Rachel Ray effect.

I can't imagine he was all that thrilled with the moment either, but that's neither here nor there since the painful, cringe-worthy shot made its way on screen. I won't stop watching because lets be honest, he's still awesome - but man-oh-man he ain't gonna make it easy for me. Now every time I watch, I'll be waiting for the offensive Chase Sapphire moment. It's kind of like waiting for Jack Nicholson to burst through the door in The Shining and yell "heeeere's Johnny!" Oh, you know it's coming... you just can't remember exactly when because it's been a while since you last watched it.

I was pondering all that this morning and a wonderful comedy moment came to mind. There was a brilliant bit that Dennis Leary did years ago (1997 to be exact) about coffee flavored coffee. Since I couldn't find a still of the offending No Reservations moment, I've posted this instead. I hope you enjoy the simple truth and perfect snark of the bit, because my friends, snark's days are apparently numbered.

PS the clip isn't censored, there is explicit language and behavior.


  1. oh tony is right! really? that's just... ugh

  2. I know! But I still love him. Sigh.

  3. A Serious EaterJanuary 22, 2010

    I saw the same show ... saw the same shot of the Chase card ... and gasped in exatly the same way. I would like to have been in the meeting when it was first proposed ... probably some really funny x-rated back-and-forth.

    A Serious Eater

  4. Ahhhhh, the corporate monster. I'm in those sort of sponsor integration meetings at, let's say, a major news network, and I flinch and cringe through these product integration clips that we're forced to watch other networks do. Luckily we have policies that don't allow for this sort of sell out at our network. YET.
    I actually can't watch a movie or tv show anymore with out yelling out (tourrets style) every product and sponsor that "inconspiculously" is placed in every scene. It's obnoxious.

  5. I guess this is why you should never do naughty things with goats. Someone *will* get pictures, and hold them over your head. It's as good a reason as any for why he of all people would sell out.