April 14, 2010

A Foodie Musing

My partner in love, life and food aka: hubby, said something both very funny and very true last night. It was a lament for the bygone days of  "the dish."  Foods today, he said, don't have actual names. They're just a list of ingredients, he elaborated. And ain't that the truth? Besides ethnic restaurants or recipes (and even then its no guarantee), the modern-day menu item is simply a clever little summary of what you're about to eat.

Gone, gone, gone, are the days of the Parfait, Reuben, or even the Pavlova! In today's terminology they would be: Cream Layered with Sorbet, Gelatin, and Syrup. Corned Beef with Sauerkraut and Melted Swiss Cheese on Toasted Rye, and Whipped Egg Whites Covered in Fresh Whipped Cream and Seasonal Berries. Now after all that, wouldn't it be more joyous to simply call it a Pavlova? (A dish by the way that was named after a Russian Ballerina, Anna Pavlova, in the 1920's - isn't that a charming little detail?)

So assignment time: name a dish. That chocolate cake that you make for your sister's birthday? It is officially now her cake, Annie's Cake. That amazing dip you bring to every party? It is being reborn as Fiesta-Fun Dip. In fact, I hereby re-name my Egg Salad Sandwich, The Eggy Duchess. Yes, I like that.

Your turn. I'd love to hear your modern list-o-ingredients dish and then its fabulous rebirth! Extra points for frivolity - after all, the only reason we still eat "Steamed Suet Pudding with Dried Fruit" is because its actually called... Spotted Dick.


  1. So, SO true! Heh, heh - you amused me greatly this afternoon. :-)

  2. My lasagna was bland and forgettable until I subbed in chorizo and enchilada sauce. I named it "New World Lasagna", and it has been an oft-requested entree at decades of festive gatherings.

  3. Love it! And... I might steal the idea.

  4. So what would a hamburger be in deconstructed form? Seared ground beef on baked wheat flour slices?