April 20, 2010

Lazy Day Omelet

There’s no picture to be had, because as the title suggests, I was feeling lazzzzy.

It was one of those nights where you get home more tired than you have any right to be. Your shoulders are slumped, your neck is sore, and your brain feels like cream of wheat. It’s the kind of night when you want nothing more than something warm and bubbly from the oven, but god help you, there is no way on earth that’s happening. Pork lo mein is tempting, but greasy. And while pizza sounds good about now, you weren’t ordering the lo mein for grease related reasons, why would you order pizza? Damn your pesky conscience!

A forage through the fridge reveals eggs, onions, grated parmesan cheese and some sautéed zucchini you almost forgot you had.

You pull out the large non-stick pan. Melt some butter, throw in some sliced onions and let them sweat. Now is the perfect time to find the corkscrew and open a bottle of wine. By the time you’ve opened the bottle, poured a glass, and taken a sip, the onions smell like a little piece of heaven and its time to throw in the zucchini to warm up.

Whisk the eggs. A few drops of cold water, a few more whisks, salt and pepper. Take another sip, no need to rush. Pour the eggs over your lovely zuchs & onions. Let the omelet set. Sprinkle on some parm and then fail miserably at folding one half to the other, just like you always do.

Curse softly.

Sigh loudly.

Take a sip.

Remember you live in Brooklyn so: fugetaboutit

Flop the tasty, yet somewhat messy accomplishment on a plate. Grab two forks and enjoy taking turns at slowly eating the Lazy Day Omelet until somehow your back straightens, your shoulders ease, and your brain returns to its preferred solidified state.

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