June 1, 2010

Heard: @ Spice Market

It was an "only in New York" moment. The kind of moment that was so wonderful, I simply had to share.

My Mother and I spend this past Saturday together. We walked the Highline. It was my first time walking it and I have to say was a fabulous addition it is to NYC! You must go and visit if you can. We shopped a bit at Chelsea Market, a place that it is so wonderful its hard not to drop every penny you've earned there. We watched the new Sex in the City movie, which much to our surprise was not awful at all, it was entertaining although ultimately disappointing I'm afraid. We also had lunch at Spice Market:

Spice Market is inspired by the street food Jean-Georges Vongerichten enjoyed while traveling in Asia. 
Authentically uplifted versions of flavorful street foods are served family-style, 
with dishes arriving continuously throughout the meal for all to share. 

The place is stunning. The food is wonderful, although might I suggest NOT ordering the Crispy Salt & Pepper Skate - it sounded like a good idea but it too, like the movie, was disappointing. I will suggest the Char-Grilled Chicken in Kumquat & Lemongrass Dressing though, it was wonderful. The portions are made to be shared and the prices are so very do-able, especially with a friend. Highly recommended if your in the meat-packing area.

My mother and I had finished our meal and were waiting for the check. Two tables down from us was a older couple, obviously tourists, obviously not English speakers, and obviously highly confused by the menu. Their waiter spoke slowly, repeating things as necessary and tried everything he could to communicate. At one point my Mother, who speaks three languages fluently and probably enough of three others to get a point across with, even tried helping out, but to no avail. Finally the waiter asked what language they spoke... Portuguese. Haha! Of all the six languages Mum speaks or can fake - Portuguese is definitely not one of them.

Imagine our surprise then, when instead of shrugging and suffering along with the patrons, the waiter simply said "one moment." This was the point when Mum and I looked at each other and said, " not possible!" Ahh, but this is New York and anything is possible. A minute later our own waiter, who happened to be a very cute, all-American, buzz cut wearing, blue eyed, Nebraska looking farm boy complete with dimples, came to the couple's table.

Well, I'm sure you can figure the rest, but out of Mr. Nebraska's mouth came perfectly fluent Portuguese much to the couple's and our delight as well!

Gotta love this city!


  1. Fabulous story, Duchess! I love that. :-) A dear NYC friend loves Highline too. I hope to make it there one day. :-)