June 24, 2010

Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz

Crows like shiny things, I like bubbles. I love seltzer, sparkling water, fizzy water - anything with a bubble and I'm sold! So as soon as I had my husband hooked on bubbles as well, the hunt was on for something to crave the bubble-mania. I knew that there were soda makers out there, but it wasn't until we were in a Sur La Tab-luh (Sur la Table) that we found what we were looking for.

I want to backtrack for a second though to mention how much money just two people can spend on beverages. We're not big beer or wine drinkers, neither of us drink juices unless we're sick, and the only milk I have in the house is heavy cream for cooking. Between the two of us though, we spent a small fortune on seltzer and soda. Even though we would buy flats at Costco, by week two they were finished and were back to buying bottles of the stuff for almost $2 each. Just one bottle of seltzer a day for one week would have been $14 - it really added up.

Fast forward to Valentines day. We had just done a movie and late lunch thing when we decided to walk a bit. Since I can't resist kitchen/dining stores, we walked into the Sur la Tab-luh in Soho and there was a lovely display by a company called Sodastream. It turns out to be an Israeli company that expanded across Europe then to Canada and finally blessed the US with its presence.

Warning: I'm about to gush over a machine... 

Not only has Sodastream saved us a lot of money better spent on chocolate, but its been fun too! They have a slue of wonderful soda flavors, some of which are better if not indecipherable from the major brands. Although we only buy the diet brands (all made with Splenda), the non-diet are all made with 100% sugar, no crazy chemicals or syrups. In fact, you would recognize every ingredient in their mixes - no thirty-letter words. They also have three essences, lemon, orange, and mixed berry wich are so delightful and just give you a hint of flavor to your bubbles.

They have a few different kinds of machines, the one we got is slim and hardly noticeable in our hole-in-the-wall kitchen.The canisters are easily replaceable at various locations or you can send away for them as well. Besides the money and fun of it all, it also happens to be environmentally friendly. The bottles are re-usable and the canisters are all recycled, the gas is just refilled. So we got a money saver, fun, yummy, and good for mama earth. I know I sound like a info-mercial, but sometimes you just gotta share!

So now that sharing is over, I think it's time for a sparkling pink grapefruit break...


  1. How fun is THAT?!!! I love this idea! :-) Sparking Pink Grapefruit sounds fabulous. :-)

  2. It's a blast Rambling!

  3. We've been looking into making our own pop (or soda ;) ) for awhile and I've looked at the sodastream. It looks perfect but I'm worried about how much it costs once you add in the canisters and flavors. How bad is it, IRL? Thanks for the info :)

  4. This looks really cool, I have never seen anything like it before! Think of all the different sodas you could make!

    Oh, and your bubbles video at the beginning of your post is perfect. :)